Ailbhe Reddy ‘FingerTips’

With over 2 million streams, Ailbhe Reddy is the one to listen to. 

Ailbhe Reddy is an Irish singer-songwriter whose music mainly fits in the Folk genre. She’s released a brand new song, ‘Fingertips’ from her latest EP, ‘ Attach To Memory’.

Ailbhe’s voice is mesmerising, and the song makes her voice stand out even more. Unlike most singers her age, she sings with realness and the music she produces is breathtaking.

The song itself is beautiful, and very different to many songs released nowadays. The lyrics of ‘Fingertips’ really focus on female sexuality and it makes you think it is something Ailbhe is interested in. She sounds confident in the song, and as odd as it sounds, the song itself makes the listener feel confident. Although a lot of Ailbhe’s music is Folk, ‘Fingertips’ fits well into the folk-pop scene. It is easy to listen to, very upbeat and perfect to have a dance to.

I listened to her new EP, and while I considered all the songs to be very good, I must say ‘Fingertips’ seems much more frank and upfront compared to the others.

You can find Ailbhe Reddy on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and her official website. ‘Attach To Memory’ is out now and is available to download from iTunes and stream on Spotify.

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