Electronic Producer Rojon Manu Releases New Single ‘Octopus Ten’

Rojan Manu, an electronic producer from Panama, has recently released his latest studio project, ‘Octopus Ten’.

The artist found inspiration for the single in retro video games, Daft Punk, and rock music, and produced it using only guitars and virtual monophonic synthesisers.
‘Octopus Ten’ reminds us of early electro tracks by the likes of The Buggles, and Thomas Dolby, which is exactly what it should. The simple stabby synth sound interspersed with video game style sounds takes us back to the 80s in a foot-tappingly pleasing way. About halfway through the track the tempo changes and introduces some other sounds which would equally find their home in an arcade (including something akin to a “game over” sound). The bridge which follows, about 2/3 in, is more mellow and somewhat a juxtaposition, but nonetheless works well, serving to bring us back to the sounds found at the start of the track.
‘Octopus Ten’ is available for purchase through all major digital media providers, and may also be streamed on Spotify. Find out more about Rojan Manu on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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