Analog Monoxide – ‘Playing Tag’

Norwegian artist Stian Høyberg, recording as Analog Monoxide, today releases his second album, ‘Songs For The Road’, a true hybrid of jazz improvisation, funk, experimental electronica, and blues. 

Coming from the coastal town of Ørsta, Stian has been recording music since he was very young, picking up whatever instrument and attending every music class he could find. It was a simple process to move into electronica, causing his music writing to evolve further. ‘Songs For The Road’ is a one-man show, with Stian performing keyboards, guitars, drums, drum machines, synths, and vocals – practising on any instrument he wasn’t familiar with until he knew it perfectly.

‘Songs For The Road’ is based on personal and emotional events, with his sound something akin to Thievery Corporation, Portishead, and maybe a bit of Tom Waits.

Høyberg considers music to be a healing tool, and hopes it has the same effect on his audiences as it does him.

“It’s dark, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps I’m communicating from the midpoint…we’re all here sometimes.”

​’Playing Tag’ is a swirling compote of synth patterns and beats, sounding somewhat like a slowed-down version of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon Of Choice’. Stian’s vocals ebb in and out of the soothing rhythms, the track having a 70s-80s style ambience.

Analog Monoxide is online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and his official website. ‘Songs For The Road’ is available from Bandcamp.

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