SKYFEVER Are Back With ‘The Returning’

It’s been a while, but Dublin band SKYFEVER make a welcome ‘Returning’ with their new single.

A rockier sound than we’re accustomed to hearing in their previous releases, ‘Neon City’ and ‘Little Of A Lot’, it’s nonetheless a welcome sound, with strong guitars and rich vocals that strikes us a cross between those of legendary bands Journey and Free.

‘The Returning’ is a fantastic track that had us slaves to the rhythm – clearly SKYFEVER have been working hard since we’ve last heard from them (they describe it as a “savage” sound, and they’re right!) and it shows.

Lead singer Luke’s vocals are taken to a whole other level, and we’re really pleased by this direction they’ve taken.

SKYFEVER will be performing at The Grand Social in Dublin on 27 April. For tickets and further details, check out their Facebook page. You can also find SKYFEVER online on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Snapchat, and their official website. Check out their previous EP, ‘Means Of Escape’, on Bandcamp.

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