DIDI Comes Out From Behind The Desk And We’re Not ‘Sorry’

DIDI - Photo Credit Bellanova Photography

DIDI – Photo Credit Bellanova Photography

Lauren Deakin Davies, performing as DIDI, has released her new single, ‘Sorry’. DIDI, a play on her surname’s initials, “D D”, is no stranger to the music industry, as an integral part of Folkstock Records and has established an enviable record for herself as a producer and sound engineer.

Coming out from behind the mixing desk is a new step however for Deakin Davies, but we for one are not disappointed. Her vocals are pure and crisp, not unlike Alanis Morissette, and the mix is – one would be surprised if otherwise – beautifully done, with the guitars and other instrumentation supporting perfectly, without overwhelming in any way.

‘Sorry’ is released today. Find DIDI online on Twitter and Facebook.

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