Adam Mishan – ‘Boomerang’

Epitomising the hard work and determination that it takes to become an icon in independent music, Adam Mishan is a musician who is slowly but surely taking the world by storm with his repertoire of refreshingly sincere and candid tunes.

Latest track, ‘Boomerang’, is a breath of fresh air, and is accompanied by a video showing Mishan and others driving around a city in Canada, while at the same time singing and dancing to his song. The catchy refrain has the listener and video participant alike nodding their heads in time to the music.

Adam Mishan started out on his musical journey over a decade ago, working hard to improve upon what he describes as his very little natural talent. He attended singing lessons to improve his vocal abilities, and after attending lessons once a week for four years with some of the greatest vocal coaches in the world, he has now become a respected singing teacher in his own right, and currently helps others reach their full potential.

Check out Adam Mishan online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud, where you can stream or download ‘Boomerang’.

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