Que 9 Is Always There For ‘FaceTime’ With New Single

13 year old emcee Que 9 – real name Quarrion Phillips – is doing what most young people his age would only ever dream about. From Detroit, the young singer’s new release, ‘FaceTime’ is a fine example of his extraordinary talent.

Que 9 burst onto the scene with his track, ‘Splash’, which was quickly followed by his EP, ‘Epidemic’, released on B.M.B. Records, and produced by Florida beat makers, The Crew (aka Jace and Brisk). The EP was the result of a marathon recording session, where Que 9 knocked out a mammoth seven songs in just three days. It’s a reflection of not just his talent but also his extraordinary work ethic.
Que 9 isn’t just a master in the studio – he’s also blessed countless stages around the US, bringing his music to his fans. His first big show was 2015 Summer Jam, in his hometown of Detroit, and thence the I Wanna See You Dance Tour, where he performed alongside other popular teen rappers, such as Lil George, Silento, I Heart Memphis, We R Toons, and D Low. Que 9 has also been featured on local TV news programmes as well as national press, including Complex, thisis50.com, allhiphop.com, XXL and most recently spotlighted in the Michigan Chronicle and Detroit’s Metro Times.
Check out Que 9 on B.M.B’s website, as well as his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. ‘FaceTime’ is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify.
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