AV Super Sunshine – ‘Spider Wedding’

Regular readers will know we’ve featured AV Super Sunshine a few times. His latest single, ‘Spider Wedding’ uses a nursery rhyme style to convey a sinister message.

Accompanied by a video made by Jared Sagal, who has made AV Super Sunshine’s previous videos, including ‘Star Man’, ‘Spider Wedding’ is an eclectic and eccentric song which hooks you in. The song is a macabre love story seemingly from a spider to a “lonely girl”. The song has an edge to it that calls to mind Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’, but also has Eastern and 60s psych undertones. It’s a crazy, sinister, even scary, song, but nonetheless very enjoyable.

The video for the song is part animation and part bleached out live action, and together is quite effective. A V Super Sunshine is very effective as the narrator of the song, telling the love story of the spider and the “lonely girl”.

Find out more about AV Super Sunshine from his official website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Check out AV Super Sunshine’s music on iTunes, as well as from his online store, where you can buy ‘Bass Face’.

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