Inner Call – ‘Gravity’

Quartet Inner Call hark from the Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) region of Northeastern Italy. The band comes from a range of different musical influences, from pop, rock, and classical music, and their first single, ‘Gravity’, is matched with a striking thriller of a video.

‘Gravity’, directed by Simone Vrech, is fascinating in its execution, with everyday objects suspended in space around an apartment, while a man sits alone in the corner of a room. He encounters a guitarist busking on the street, and in slo-mo he drops coins into his guitar case. An encounter with a woman in a cafe, their eyes meeting in an understanding stare, makes you realise these aren’t chance things happening – somehow the man causes objects to defy gravity. The colour grading of the video is beautiful – shot in 4K the colour pops out at you with a genuine cinematic quality.

‘Gravity’ is a guitar-based rock track, with the strong vocals reminding us of Freddie Mercury. It’s a song you’ll want to repeat over and over, and the very quirky video is definitely one to watch a few more times.

Download ‘Gravity’ from iTunes and Amazon, and stream on Spotify. You can find Inner Call online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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