The Other Life Draws Us Into His Mysterious World With New Release ‘Happiness’


With a sound similar to Étienne de Crécy and Alex Gopher, Swedish artist The Other Life has released his debut track, ‘Happiness’.

The Other Life is a one-man project: he plays, programmes, and arranges all the music and instruments himself, and he also designed the single’s artwork. His identity is shielded by a mask, which adds to the overall effect of the music, giving it an additional layer of mystery, and inviting the listener to see beyond the artist.

‘Happiness’ features driving beats combined with meticulously layered harmonies, as well as house-infused electronic arrangements. The track is suited to both dance floor and general listening, with its direct and immediate feel. The track is released through NuDealRecords, and blends cheeky cut up basslines and clever mix engineering, together with stylish drum grooves and an innovative selection of samples.

The Other Life finds inspiration in everything that makes a sound – as well as everything that doesn’t – and has fostered a lifelong love affair with music and all things surrounding it. His sound ranges from energetic electronica to alternative indie.

You can download ‘Happiness’ from NuDealRecords’ website.


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