Dobolo Is ‘About To Blow’ Apart Boundaries With His New Single


Dobolo, a Nigerian-born artist living in Japan, knows that music knows no boundaries, and that the best of it is able to travel across continents and oceans. As one of the several thousand Nigerians living in Japan (the Japanese Ministry Of Internal Affairs places the figure at 2,638), Dobolo is introducing new styles and genres into Japanese culture.

Dobolo works by day in a factory, and is proud to declare he lives a modest life. His new single, ‘About To Blow’, is accompanied by a video which has been directed by Jeremy Rubier, himself an expat Canadian living in Japan. The clip follows Dobolo and his friends on the streets of Tokyo, and focuses on Dobolo serenading the camera as he and his crew travel around on their day to day lives, working in the factory, cruising the streets in classic American cars, and dancing. His friends are multi-ethnic, the landscape is undoubtedly Japan, and the video promotes a harmony that we can all aspire to.  Dobolo’s style is an appealing blend of reggae and island styles, and shouldn’t work against a Japanese setting – but it does!

Find out more about Dobolo from his Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. ‘About To Blow’ is available to download from iTunes.

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