Naberus Release Video For ‘Cohesion’

Naberus release video for 'Cohesion', a single off their upcoming album The Lost Reveries.
Naberus release video for ‘Cohesion’, a single off their upcoming album The Lost Reveries.

Australian band Naberus have released a music video for their latest song, ‘Cohesion’, a single to be released on their upcoming album out December 2nd, The Lost Reveries. The album was produced by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery) and contains five new songs as well as nine re-mastered songs from their previous independent releases. The four piece metal band from Melbourne have a heavy and thick guitar sound and a high powered screaming yet melodic vocal giving them a distinct melodic metal and thrash metal sound.

the-lost-reveries-naberus-album-art-1600-360x360‘Cohesion’ is a great example of the fast hard pumping metal that you will get from Naberus and their upcoming album, The Lost Reveries.  The video has a great vibe with a lot of fast camera movements and different angles of them playing, which compliments the true intense speed and energy of their natural performance.  The scene is set in a dark basement with a gloomy atmosphere which enhances the heavy and dark sound of Naberus.

Not only will ‘Cohesion’ be on the new album release but other great songs such as, ‘Drones’ and ‘Torch The Sky’ will also get you pumped up and wanting more. The Lost Reveries features fourteen powerfully intense tracks by Naberus and is available to pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon as well as Google Play.  For more info about Naberus and the upcoming release of The Lost Reveries out December 2nd, check out their Twitter and Facebook.  Check out the video for ‘Cohesion’ below:

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