It’s Time For Love With AV Super Sunshine’s New Single, ‘Love NYD’


AV Super Sunshine is back with his new single, ‘Love NYD’.

The accompanying video sees AV and his lady love walking around the streets and hills of Los Angeles, as well as shots of the city of love, Paris, including Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre (featuring the I. M. Pei Pyramid in front of the famous museum).

It’s an upbeat song focusing on their love and happiness, with AV imploring her to hang on, even when everything is just a mess – but after all even he is just a mess, so they should instead look to their love, after all it’s New Year’s Day. In the end the pair find a genuine unbreakable bond between themselves.

Like the video for AVs previous song, ‘I Am Alien’, this has been directed and produced by Jared Segal,  who also looked after the cinematography. AV Super Sunshine himself was executive producer, with visual effects and animation by Rockerrazzi Filmz in Beverly Hills.

Find out more about AV Super Sunshine from his official website, as well as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and YouTube. Check out AV Super Sunshine’s music on iTunes, as well as from his online store, where you can buy his album, ‘Bass Face’.

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