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Since 2010 Tom has released one E.P and four albums as a solo artist, as well as performing and recording with various bands and artists such as Tom Kay Trio, The Mighty and the Moon, Dogwood Flowers, Mike Rogers, Illumine, among others. He has performed extensively across the UK for the last 15 years and has had the privilege of playing at many renowned venues and festivals including Sonisphere, where he performed in 2010 and 2011 as a product clinician for Scott Dixon Inc. Over the years Tom has shared the stage with many established bands and artists including Gill Landry (Old Crow Medicine Show), Simon McBride, Tony Moore (Cutting Crew), Terrorvision, The Dunwells, The Shires, Danny And The Champions Of The World, and more. 

Tom Kay

As well as performing as a solo artist and with various bands, Tom has also worked as a session musician in the studio and on Television. His most notable appearance being on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown on Channel 4 (UK) where he performed a guitar solo.

Here are 10 artists Tom couldn’t live without. In no particular order…
Ryan Adams – 
Ryan Adams is my favourite artist so it makes sense to have him on this list. He’s such a prolific songwriter and a huge inspiration.
The Smiths – 
I never got into The Smiths until I was a little older but Johnny Marr is one of my main influences in terms of my guitar playing. And Morrissey’s lyrics are so unique and poetic. They did so much in such a short period of time and there are so many classic tunes. They are a band you rather love or hate but I certainly love ‘em!
Radiohead – 
Radiohead were a band I never ‘got’ until recently. Over the last few years they have grown to be one of my favourite bands. For me, Thom Yorke is a genius. Their new album is on another level and I can’t get enough of it.
Ben Howard – 
This guy released his 2nd album in 2014 and I’m still listening to it on a very regular basis nearly 2 years later. Surely Ben Howard has got to be one of the greatest songwriters around right now?
Counting Crows – 
My mum used to play ‘August And Everything After’ in the car a lot when I was younger and Counting Crows are a band that have followed me throughout my life and this album in particular has helped me through good times and bad times, just like an old friend that’s always there for you no matter what.
Keaton Henson –
I stumbled across this guy when I heard his song ‘You’ on the series ‘Derek’. Keaton is without a doubt the most brutally honest songwriter I’ve heard.
Dancing Years –
I had the privilege of supporting these guys whilst playing in a band I’m a part of called The Mighty and the Moon. They are a bunch of really talented musicians and writers and they were very down to earth.
Pink Floyd –
The Floyd would have to be on this list. At least just for ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’. I play that record a lot, I think it’s a really comforting album. I always feel that it places me on the right track when I’m a bit lost and gives me direction.
Frank Zappa –
I’m a huge Zappa fan. Over the last 4 years or so, I have build up a collection of his records. Because my own music tends to be quite serious, I enjoy taking a break and sticking a Zappa record on. I just love everything about it, the comedy, the satire, the voices and noises, the array of genres all mixed together perfectly and not to mention the incredible level of musicianship.
Stevie Ray Vaughan –
SRV is one of my favourite guitarists. Whenever I need some inspiration in the guitar department, I just stick on ‘In Step’. The guy had probably the best guitar tone I’ve ever heard. Nobody can play like him, it was just in his hands and in his soul and they were just connected on another level. ‘Riviera Paradise’ is one of my top 3 favourite songs of all time. It’s just beautiful and conveys so much emotion just through his guitar.
You can find Tom Kay online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and his official website. Tom’s album, ‘From The Outside In’, is available to download as a digital album, and also as a limited edition signed CD, from his Bandcamp page. Watch out for our review coming shortly.

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