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We interviewed singer Ray Quinn earlier this week about his new tour, which you can read here. Now we’ve tapped further into the workings of Ray’s mind, and bring you his Essential Playlist.

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In no particular order…
‘Surrender’ – Robbie Williams
Robbie for me is the ultimate boy to man story – the ultimate pop star. He’s grown as an artist, grown with the times. He’s evolved himself but stayed true to himself. I hope to be able to do even half of the same.
‘Kiss’ – Dappy
I’ve always been a huge fan of Dappy, even before he hit it big, then Ndubz, I was hooked. I’ve never doubted his talent, and his lyrics and expertise with melody as a rapper/mc/singer almost every time floor me. Big up Dapz!
‘7 Days’ – Craig David
Craig David’s album ‘Born To Do It’ was the first album I bought with my own money! I met him as a kid and after meeting him, he sent me a signed copy of his CD, to my house, which I still have! And I’ve been a huge fan of his work ever since. Now he’s back! With a vengeance! Awesome.
‘Changes’ – 2Pac
This song takes me right back to when I was in school. My planner and pencil case were covered with pics and quotes from 2Pac. He rapped for rights and for good reason. You felt his struggle and pain. Signs of a true artist for me. Even after everything he’d been through and witnessed he left the world with some amazing music. The legend lives on for me.
‘High’ – Lighthouse Family
Guilty pleasure this is! Never fails to help me smile, relax and think of happy things. Whenever something gets me down I stick a Lighthouse Family album on, and it reminds you that life can be so beautiful.
‘Chasing Cars’ – Snow Patrol
This was the first song I heard that inspired me to write. When I heard how it came about in the first place, and how the lead singer wasn’t even sure about it, then it became one of their biggest hits! I knew this was something I wanted to achieve.
‘Lego House’ – Ed Sheeran
Again Ed Sheeran is one of those artists that will last forever. The songs he has managed to create have longevity. You could play any of his songs in ten years time and they’ll still sound new.
‘Jammin’ – Bob Marley
Bob Marley always reminds me of good times in my life, when you just wanna chill. It’s holiday music to me. As soon as I land in a hot country this is the first thing I’ll whack on! Sun, sand, cocktails and Bob Marley blasting from my speakers. YES PLEASE!
‘Loyal’ – Chris Brown
Chris Brown for me can do no wrong when it comes to music. He’s very clever in creating songs that are almost addictive to listen to. They also can grow on you. Even if you thought you didn’t like it before, you will eventually. That’s cool! But he’s a guy that has struggled himself, however you cannot knock his talent. He the ultimate triple/quadruple threat.
‘Speechless’ – Michael Jackson
Finally MJ! There’s no way I could do a list of favourite songs without including the King of Pop. This song is just beautiful. The first time I heard this song I had it on repeat and it played 30-40 times over! the words, the emotion in his voice. All the things any artist tries to capture whilst in the recording studio, he does with ease…It just moves me. Legend. Thank you Michael Jackson…
The list of favourite songs for me is endless I have over 12k songs in my phone I carry around with me everyday, and my taste in music is vast because all the artists inspire me in different ways. But one things for sure music is my life. Without it I’m not the same.
Check out Ray Quinn’s official website for further details about his tour.

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