The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Matthew Shepherd


We introduced you to Matthew Shepherd recently, when we asked him 6 Quick Questions, and he gave us some really interesting answers. Now he’s let us know his Essential Playlist, and we hope that you’ll find his selections to be just as interesting!

Kate Rusby – ‘Make The Light’ (Album):
I first listened to Kate Rusby when I stumbled upon a Cambridge Folk Festival highlights show around 5 years ago. I instantly fell in love with her voice and has become my absolute favourite artist. ‘Make the light’ is just the perfect album in my  eyes and I urge absolutely everyone to listen and see her live – she’s fab!
The Weepies – ‘Say I Am You’ (Album):
The Weepies are another one of my favourites who perhaps are not as well known as they should be. They have an incredible sound and are definitely one of my biggest influences when it comes to songwriting. The instrumentation and harmonies on this album are incredible – do check out there music!!
Jamie Cullum – ‘All At Sea’ (Song):
During my School-years myself and my very good friend would try our hand at playing covers of classic tunes and quickly moved onto Jaime Cullum. This was always one of our favourites and still is.
Sarah Jarosz – ‘Build Me Up From Bones’ (Album):
I came across Sarah Jarosz’s music through listening to Kate Rusby. Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist who has such a clear sounding voice and melancholic sound. ‘Build me up from bones’ and ‘Mile on the moon’ are my favourites on this album.
Aretha Franklin – ‘You Send Me’ (Song):
This song has the ability to change your mood in just its opening few seconds. I love it so much!
Passenger – ‘Whispers I’ (Album):
Passenger is one of my huge influences! I love the purity and simpleness of his songs, that also have so much depth and meaning. This is my favourite of his albums.
Joshua Radin – ‘Live From The Village’ (Album):
Joshua Radin is again one of my favourites who I’ve seen a number of times live. His songs have so much emotion and meaning behind them. If you haven’t heard of his music then I urge you to listen to this album and go see him live!!
John Smith – ‘Great Lakes’ (Album):
I first head John Smith at Underneath the Stars Festival. He is an incredible guitarist and songwriter. It’s a perfect ‘rainy day’ album…
Bon Iver – ‘Re. Stacks’ (Song):
I first heard this song in the tv show ‘Starlings’ and quickly had to Shazam it. Bon Iver is mostly known for his song ‘Skinny Love’ but this song has the most incredible atmosphere. It’s very simple but just wonderful to listen to with a mug of good coffee!
Paper Aeroplanes – ‘We Are Ghosts’ (Album):
Sometimes you come across an album where every song is just as great as the other. This is one of them. Please do check out their stuff!

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