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Multi-talented singer/dancer/actor has had a varied life in entertainment, including performing in London’s West End in ‘Grease’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, and ‘Legally Blonde’. He’s also been in Brookside, on The X Factor (2006), and several other programmes. Ray’s debut release ‘Doing It My Way’ entered the UK album charts, going on to sell 300,000 copies. He returned to the recording studio in 2015, and has created, with the help of a team of songwriters and producers in London, all original songs for his second album, out later this year. 

Ray Quinn has just set off on his “No Man’s Land” tour this past Friday, and so we took the opportunity to ask him six quick questions.

EP: You’ve been in the public eye for a lot of years now – at what point in your life did you realise that you wanted to be famous, and have you yet reached the point where you think “I’ve made it” – or is that still yet to come?

RQ: I would never call myself “famous”, I hate that word…Too many people are famous these days, not many people have that hunger for success in something that drives them. A passion. I’ve only ever wanted to pursue a career in something I believed in. I haven’t yet felt like I can say “I’ve made it”…I hope to one day say that…But that won’t stop me from furthering it to achieve more.

EP: You’ve got a new album coming out later this year and are about to embark on your ‘No Man’s Land Tour’. What can fans expect firstly from your tour, and secondly, from your album? What’s the album about? How do we get tickets?
RQ: With the tour, they can expect my new music live with my new band…Along with some great covers I’ve chosen to complement the original material and also a “tip of the hat” special stripped back version of my swing music from my first album, which I recorded in 2007. The new music itself is a brand new sound for me. I’m very excited for the fans to hear it as it’s been worked on for the last 18 months. So the tour is for the fans to hear it all exclusively.
EP: Thinking back to the first question, what has been the highlight of your career so far? And what lies beyond your album and tour?

RQ: There have been many highlights for me so far…I guess making the choice of coming back to music is a huge challenge for me. I just hope there’s many more highlights with this decision moving forward. My fans have been amazing so far…and I’m sure I’ll get there reaction first-hand on this tour. I’ll know then I’ve made the correct one. Also There is also plenty more in the pipeline for me, as I start a UK tour of a brand new musical playing the role of Glen Goolia in ‘The Wedding Singer’ from Feb 2017.

EP: Who are your musical inspirations? Why? And what about your inspirations in life?
RQ: First of all my son Harry is my inspiration every day, every choice and decision I make is for him. I want to be the best role model, friend but most of all the best father to him that I can be. Musically? Again so many…for all different reasons. Robbie Williams for me has been my idol. He’s evolved with his music and has achieved “it” for me. Also Justin Timberlake is yet another talent that has utilised all aspects of the entertainment world with his incredible talent. If I can achieve even half what they have I’ll be a happy man.
EP: If you could do it all over again – and you’ve been doing it a long time – what, if anything, would you do differently, and if so why?
RQ: I don’t believe in looking back, I don’t believe in regrets. Life is sent to try you. It’s OK to make mistakes. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that! Nobody is perfect, but all the way you learn from the decisions you make and you take action and responsibility. Staying positive keeps you focused on what’s important. Honestly? I wouldn’t change a single thing. Only shape and guide it better as I move forward.
EP: What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?
RQ: Now that’s me doing your job. Haha! I couldn’t possibly reveal that! That would be telling now wouldn’t it?!
Check out Ray Quinn’s official website for further details about his tour. We’ll be bringing you Ray’s Essential Weekly Playlist later this week.

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