Miss Eaves – ‘Hump Day’


Miss Eaves (real name Shanthony Exum) is known for her electro-pop-rap feminist stylings, and her song, ‘Hump Day’ is certainly an example of what to expect.

A unique take on the subject of female masturbation, the video features a diverse group of women with different body types and ethnicities showing their orgasm face.

Originally from North Carolina, Miss Eaves now lives in Brooklyn, New York, and has seen her career take her from karaoke-ing in bars to performing in sold-out festivals in Belgium. Miss Eaves realised that performing was a drug she couldn’t (nor wanted to) quit, and her shows are noted for their fun-dance-explosion stage performances. Miss Eaves has even toured the UK with Wheatus and MC Frontalot.

‘Hump Day’ takes a playful look at female orgasm and, using some suggestive (but not overly-sexualised or pornographic) images and bright colours, not to mention tongue-in-cheek lyrics, shows in a fun way that there’s no *wrong* way to get the job done. Speaking to Refinery29, Miss Eaves says her plan was to film,

“a bunch of different women with different body types and ethnicities showing their orgasm face…and not in a pornographic way, but in a very realistic way.”

You can find Miss Eaves online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and her official website. ‘Hump Day’ is available on Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes.


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