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Hatsune Miku. A virtual pop star that over the past 9 years has been taking the world by storm, but just who is she?

Hatsune Miku is a 16 year old Japanese pop star, but there’s a catch, she’s not human. In fact Miku is computer software: more specifically, she is a voice bank that has been created for a computer software program called ‘Vocaloid’ which was created by Yamaha. She’s not alone either, in fact there are 6 ‘Vocaloids’ altogether, however due to her unique voice Miku is the most popular, and is therefore the spokesperson for the franchise. From games, to advertising, to even live concerts, Miku is a proper little pop star in the making.

Miku has been out for a quite a while and there have been 3 different versions of her voice bank, so you can only imagine the amount of songs that have been written for her. I was however able to pick one out of the mass of songs that are available online.

The song that I chose is called ‘Tell Your World’, and was written by Livetune(kz). It was originally written in Japanese, but I managed to find a talented fan’s cover of ‘Tell Your World’, in English, using her latest version:

Also just in case you thought I was joking about her live concerts I have also linked a video to her singing Tell your world live in Nippon Budoukan, Tokyo, Japan in 2015:

‘Tell Your World’ is available on iTunes in English and in Japanese. For other Miku songs, simply type ‘Hatsune Miku’ into YouTube.

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