AV Super Sunshine Is Loving The Alien In Track ‘I Am Alien’ Ahead Of New Album


AV Super Sunshine is a little bit different to other artists. Unafraid to challenge conventional thinking, he follows the beat of his own drum, and his well-honed instincts.

For AV Super Sunshine’s new album, ‘Bass Face’, he’s brought in Michael Bradford to produce, and with him his unique background across multiple genres, including rock, R&B, and pop. The latest track from the album, ‘I Am Alien’, opens with spacey sounds fused with a western style vibe which is entirely fitting when considered with the video, shot in part in Area 51, and Roswell New Mexico, as well as a chemical processing site in Torrence, California. Indoor scenes were made at a large soccer complex, also in Torrence.

To make the video, AV Super Sunshine, director Jared Sagal, and Michael Bradford set up their own intergalactic treasure hunt in the desert of New Mexico, just skirting the edges of Area 51. The premise of the video is the search for an alien, who they are led to by another alien, played by Philomena Wallin. Michael performs the role of alien hunter, while AV plays his assistant. The song is really funky and earwormy, with the refrain, ‘I am alien’ destined to echo in your brain long after the nearly four minutes long song is finished.

‘I Am Alien”s strong rock beat is compelling and insistent, and combined with some fantastic guitar playing, adds quite a lot to the quality of the track.

Find out more about AV Super Sunshine from his official website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Check out AV Super Sunshine’s music on iTunes, as well as from his online store, where you can pre-order ‘Bass Face’, set for release in October.


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