Avidya – ‘The Human Struggle’


With a name rooted in Buddhism, AVIDYA is the brainchild of New York City artist, Stephanie Carlin. Her latest album, ‘Misknowing’, was released on July 20.

The video for AVIDYAs song, ‘The Human Struggle’, sees a man dealing with the banality of waking up and checking his phone, before heading outside into an open field, bent on purpose. Wearing nothing but his underwear, he runs into the woods, where with the music, he finds his clothes, and sets off on his daily tai chi/yoga practice.

It’s a very frantic, energetic video, with Stephanie’s singing vibrant and powerful, challenging and strident. Soon after releasing her solo EP, ‘The Agony and Ecsatcy of…’, she took to the internet to find a band whose spiritual passion was equal to her own. Together they released the full length album, ‘Tree of Series’, which received praise from MTV Hive, as well as Yoga Teacher Magazine. It’s the broad spectrum her music takes which gives AVIDYA a large, loyal, and diverse fanbase.

The camera shots in the video for ‘The Human Struggle’ are beautifully jarring, leaving the viewer no option but to take it all in, and absorb the rush of audial and visual stimuli.

Stephanie’s latest album, ‘Misknowing’, was released on 20 July. You can download the album free of charge from her website. Find AVIDYA online on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her Official Website. You can also download ‘Tree of Series’ from iTunes, and stream on Spotify.


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