The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Mikey C (Uncle Lucius)


We bring you the Essential Playlist this week of another member of Uncle Lucius. This time it’s the turn of Mikey C, aka Mike Carpenter, their guitarist.

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Mikey says,
“I would like to preface by saying this is an ever changing list for me. Some of these are old favourites and newer ones as well. We travel a good deal, so we try out a lot of different things to listen to in the van. These songs are not in any particular order, just listed them as they came to mind.”
Los Lobos – ‘The Road to Gila Bend’
This song depicts an immigrant’s trials and sacrifices to make it to the land of the free. Being from Texas we’re really close to the border so it has special meaning to me. I’ve never met harder working folks.
Tedeschi Trucks Band – ‘Laugh About It’
I have to listen to this catchy, uplifting song at least twice a week. The lyrics, “All the caring and hard work and trouble Is worth the chance,” is a reminder that life can be a struggle but to keep at it and you’ll find success. The guitar riff, singing and musicality of this bunch isn’t too shabby either. So soulful!
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – ‘All You Can Carry’
I love big guitar songs with a repeating riff! I can’t help it, I’m a guitar player. The message I get from this tune is one of salvation and self-preservation. Whether it be from a destructive wildfire or “something moving in the dark outside, I gotta face it when it hits the light.” Tom Petty sings to “Take all you can, all you can carry, take what you can and leave the past behind.” Traveling light is good advice if you ask me.
William Onyeabor – ‘Good Name’
A fun song for driving or dancing. He speaks to us saying “a good name is better than silver and gold.” Integrity wins against greed and corruption! Also I wouldn’t have learned about him if it weren’t for David Byrne.
Neil Young – ‘Birds’
I love sad songs. Sometimes they’re good for coping or just admiring their beauty. Neil Young is one of my faves, he continues to inspire and surprise me. He’s a true artist.
ZZ Top – ‘Jesus Just Left Chicago’
Ahhh! The Top! What can I say that hasn’t already been?!?! I’ve been trying to cop Billy Gibbons licks since I began my own journey as a guitarist. Rhythm section ain’t too shabby neither.
B.B. King – ‘Sloppy Drunk’
This used to be in the repertoire about 11 years ago. It was always fun to play in the bars and some nights you just never know what you’re about to see. If you know what I mean!
The Black Crowes – ‘Peace Anyway’
The Black Crowes made a profound impression on me when I was just starting to get into my own music. Their musical style and image I immediately related to, oddly enough. Maybe because I grew up listening to my parents records just like them. This song helps me to chill out when I’m stressed about things. You know. see the bigger picture.
Jimi Hendrix Experience – ‘Bold As Love’
I’ve had and still have a healthy obsession with Hendrix. This is the last track on Axis: Bold As Love and rightly so. Hendrix’s use of imagery and colors still paint such a vivid world of psychedelic fantasy. I still find myself hearing new parts no matter how many times I’ve listened to this tune.

Led Zeppelin – ‘Dazed and Confused’ (Song Remains version)
I wonder just how many guitarists Mr. Page has influenced. Nonetheless, I am one of those kids. Around the age of 14, I watched “The Song Remains the Same.” Jimmy Page shows off by playing the guitar with a cello bow. I was completely mesmerized and thought to myself, I can do that. Well it didn’t come to fruition for another 15 years until I told my girlfriend at the time, now wife, that I had plans to experiment with this idea. So she bought me a bow for Christmas and we’ve been together ever since. Every time I put the bow strings to the guitar strings it sends chills down my spine. I hope that feeling never stops!
Uncle Lucius are currently on tour across the US and shall be coming to the UK in November. See here for further details of their US tour.
Uncle Lucius UK tour
You can find Uncle Lucius online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and their Official Website.

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