The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Introflirt’s Ben Benjamin


Our third of three playlists from California’s Introflirt comes from Ben Benjamin, the band’s vocalist, writer, and studio synth player.


Public Memory – ‘Ringleader’

This is the one song I’m not going to say anything about.

Lia Mice – ‘Twins’

Lia Mice has a pretty recent album out – which I adore – but the melodies on this song, from her previous record, speak to me so much that I had to choose it. It lets me want to be in the woods alone right before sunset.

Makeout Videotape – ‘Only You’

I first heard this tune in a train car that was converted into a coffee shop on a very hot day in Chico, California. Everytime I play it I feel like I’m on a vacation.

Fringe Class – ‘Fringe Class Forever’

Fringe Class is a group from Portland, Oregon, with an amazing live presence. We played two shows with them this past spring and they left us stunned. Our friends are super picky, and they loved their show. And our lighting guy actually smiled – the real test. Here’s the title track of their first EP.

Coast Modern – ‘Animal’

The tempo of this song is perfect. The production is crisp and punchy. The vibe is thick. I included this on one of my recent Music For Introflirts mixes – a playlist I curate weekly at – and I just have to include it here, too.

Flower Boy – ‘Lemonade’

Sappy, sentimental, totally romantic, and amazing guitar tones. A true shoegaze ballad.

Bloodhounds On My Trail – ‘Silence, It’s Golden’

This song has many elements that I hold dear in my own compositions. I can’t quite place a finger on it, and don’t want to. This is an expansive, emotional, and introverted.

Drab Majesty – ‘The Foyer’

Every so often I encounter a song that’s so creepy I have to like it because I’m scared of it. This is one of those songs – it’s angular and dangerous, but inspiring.

Rrose – ‘Waterfall’

What starts out sounding like a standard techno tune explodes into cascading layers of intricate & orgasmic darkness.

Dave Pike – ‘Carnival Samba’

Vibes are my current favourite instrument. There are a handful of amazing jazz vibraphonists to listen to, but Dave Pike might be the trippiest.

You can see Introflirt live:

July 15 – Sacramento, CA – Ladyfest (with Pink Bandana & Spacewalker)
August 13 – Oakland, CA – Hanging Garden at The Night Light (with Neon Kross & Otzi)
September 28 – San Francisco, CA – Hemlock Tavern – (with Foreign Resort & Nite)

‘Frozen Lace’ is out now, and is available to download from the band’s Bandcamp site, where you can also preorder ‘Temporary Heaven’, set for release later this summer.

Find Introflirt online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, and their official website.

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