The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Cecilia G


Cecilia G is a singer and actress from Italy who, in her own words, has been writing silly songs since 2012.

Cecilia’s music is inspired massively by blues and jazz (old school blues is what you’d find her singing under the shower), with a sprinkle of pop to finish it off…

“Definitely one to watch” – MUM

You can find Cecilia G on her official website. This is Cecilia’s Essential Playlist for today. It will probably change tomorrow, and was quite different yesterday. We hope you enjoy it!

Cecilia G 2

Patti Smith – ‘Gloria’

Because this woman started her first album with the verse “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine”.

Frank Zappa – ‘Whippin’ Post’

I could have picked any but today I was listening to this one specifically. I love him, he’s God.

Babyshambles – ‘Dr. No’

I’ve got the riff stuck in my head and it’s an album I’ve listened to a lot lately.

Christine & The Queens – ‘IT’

I heard it on the TV Series “Girls” and couldn’t get it out of my head.

Mina – ‘Oggi Sono Io’ 

She’s the greatest voice in Italian music and for me one of the greatest on the planet. Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, her voice is food for the soul.

She & Him – ‘Take It Back’

I’ve loved this duo since they started.

Morrissey – ‘We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful’

There’s something so honest and truthful about this song. And it’s fun.

Dinah Washington – ‘The Good Life’

When I auditioned for jazz school I sang her version of Mad About The Boy. She’s always been my polar star.

Alabama Shakes – ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’

I so wish I had written this song.

Stefano Bollani – ‘Choro Sim’

One of the best pianists and entertainers of our times, not just because he’s Italian like me.  He can make Mozart swing. This is just a little taste. Go check him out.

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