Glitter Wasteland Releases Electro Pop Chaos ‘EP 1’


Siri Jantey might not be a name you know…yet. But Glitter Wasteland might be a name you’re more acquainted with a little faster than you think. With her new EP ‘EP 1’ just released through 61 Seconds Records and we decided to have a find out more.

Latest single ‘Don’t Let It Go’ meets us with an infectious, synth sound with stuttered beat drops and atmospheric vocals. This is a theme followed throughout the EP with ‘Darkskies’, a techno masterpiece, with ghostly vocals it’s a haunting affair sending shivers down the spine. We absolutely love the effortless ability to create upbeat pop choruses inspired by the likes of Marvin Gaye and Massive Attack. Throughout this EP each track has a different vibe to it, showing the versatility and truly exciting talent held.

If you need more of a reason to check out Glitter Wasteland, her video for ‘Cold War’ is fast paced and captivating fitting in perfectly with the electro beat infused track. Check it out below!

We love this electro-pop chaos, perfect for letting all your worries fade away into the darkness by dancing your heart out to it. Think Sia with Charli XCX thrown into the mix, then you’ve got a little taste of just what Glitter Wasteland sounds like.

Be sure to check out Glitter Wasteland on Facebook, Official Website, Soundcloud, Twitter and on YouTube to see just what we’re raving about!

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