Laini And The Wildfire: Soul Filled Blues With A Contemporary Edge

Laini and the Wildfire §

Laini And The Wildfire, from New Haven Connecticut, bring out their self-titled debut EP tomorrow, May 5.

The quartet, fronted by vocalist Laini, and also featuring Joe, Mark, and Rob, are a bluesy piano led band with a sixties feel. Laini’s voice is deep and soulful, lush and honeyed, gorgeous and compelling.

Their five song self-titled EP gives a contemporary twist to the 60s soul that is so clearly its inspiration. The band only formed last year, when Laini’s husband Mark Marenick (also their bass player and producer) encouraged her to record her songs. Lainini had a successful career as a therapist, but nonetheless maintained a strong connection to music, writing from a young age, and teaching piano for more than ten years. Laini and Mark recruited long time friend (and guitar player), Joe Rocco, and another friend, Rob Siraco, whose edgy rock drumming rounds out the band. It was a collaboration that was always meant to happen: with all four having been friends for more than 10 years, and experience playing in previous bands, they slotted in together well.

The band is beginning to line up shows for Spring 2016 and beyond, and has plenty of new material, ready to record and release in late 2016.

For more information about Laini And The Wildfire and their music, check out Twitter, Facebook, and their website.

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