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Somewhere between the half spoken and half sung husky vocals of KT Tunstall and the more delicate breathy voice of Katie Melua lies Bournemouth based musician/ songwriter Krista Green with her new single ‘Summertime Love’.

Produced by Jamie King (Plan B, Madonna), and with drums, guitar and vocals played and performed by Krista herself, the track is an upbeat, feel good summer vibe with a strong acoustic blues feel. Musically it is well produced and nicely performed with some interesting and varied vocal lines from Krista, who feels like she has plenty to offer vocally. The song definitely competes with the aforementioned artists’ back-catalogue and going by this single in particular fans of KT Tunstall would probably be really interested in Krista’s upcoming work.

My personal feelings on ‘Summertime Love’ is that is doesn’t quite offer enough to hold my interest entirely, although on a positive note I feel vocally Krista does offer something a bit different from a lot of singers currently making similar music, and I am very interested to hear what else she has in the works.

Krista is an experienced performer and musician with three previous albums and plenty of gig appearances to her name, and her website and social media activity shows this with a polished, clean and informative website and a very active social media presence. Visually everything is well presented, coherent with pleasant artwork that definitely sits side by side with the best of acoustic/pop at the moment.

I’m sure based on all the factors above Krista’s new single ‘Summertime Love’ will be extremely well received by her current fans whilst also earning her plenty more fans to boot. Krista is definitely someone that holds great deal of talent with her writing and playing ability but doesn’t fill me personally with a massive amount of excitement that would automatically makes me want to listen throughout. On the whole ‘Summertime Love’ is catchy, upbeat and totally fitting for the coming months. Fans of acoustic, upbeat pop should definitely check this out!

‘Summertime Love’ is set to be released and available to purchase on 27th May 2016. Krista has a line up of live gigs planned throughout the summer surrounding the release of her new single ‘Summertime Love’ and more information about Krista Green can be found on her official website. You can also find Krista online on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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