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We introduced you to Penny Bridges recently, with her deeply personal soft dream pop songs. Clearly Penny’s had a lot of incredible musical inspiration, and so in light of that we asked her to give us her ten songs she can’t live without.

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Fleetwood Mac – ‘Dreams’ 

When I first heard this song I just instantly fell in love with it.
Arctic Monkeys – ‘Mardy Bum’
It’s just an instant rush of good times. I think of the summer time and singing away to it with my friends or my siblings, I even smiled writing this. Good times.
Kate Bush – ‘Army Dreamers’
This for me is my favourite Kate Bush song, I heard it on my mom’s iPod one time and I said, “What song is that mom?!” I was hooked. This song for me is timeless.
The Cure – ‘Just like Heaven’
My dad would always play this song amongst many others of The Cure’s. Only when I got older I really appreciated their music. It’s a great song.
The Maccabees – ‘No Kind Words’ 
I think this is one of their strongest songs, it just has that haunting feeling about it.
Joni Mitchell – ‘People’s Parties’
When I was shown Joni Mitchell I felt my ears open and my eyes light up, she’s amazing. I think she’s an artist where you either fall in love with her or you always wonder what she was about. But either way there’s no denying that her talent is a piece of history. I listen to a lot of Joni’s songs but I think this one for me is my favourite.
Kings of Leon – ‘Closer’ 
Another song full of memories, they have many good songs. And they were wicked live.
David Bowie – ‘Space Oddity’
“Here am I floating round my tin can
Far above the Moon, planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do”.

I was once told that in life all we have is our legacy. Bowie was the glitz and glam the guy who made wonderful imagery through his music and his fashion. I chose this because I grew up with Bowie being played by my parents, and later on I was shown songs of his like ‘Quicksand’ that made me see how brilliant he was even more.

T Rex – ‘Hot Love’
Another childhood song, always felt like he was beyond his time. This song for me it’s simple but so effective.
The Killers – ‘Read My Mind’
The Killers were one of my favourite indie/rock bands at the time, they were great love, and I think this song though they have many classic songs is one that sticks out. It makes you reflect in a strange kind of fashion.

You can find Penny online on Twitter and Facebook. Check out her music on Soundcloud.

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