Port Of Est. Are Back With New Single ‘Clash’


Following their debut release in February, ‘Valentine In My Headphones‘, Port Of Est. are back with their new single, ‘Clash’.

The duo, comprising Hannah Tarkinson and Todd Kitchens, have managed to combine shoegaze, electronic pop, folk, hip hop, and ambient rock, to make a sound uniquely theirs. ‘Clash’, reminiscent of Bjork, has an almost tribal sound, with the trancelike drum beats and ethereal vocals.

Formed just over two years ago, Hannah and Todd are from Portland, Maine. Port of Est. takes inspiration from the likes of, unsurprisingly Bjork, but also Phantogram, Lana Del Rey, Massive Attack, Cocteau Twins, and Sigur Rós. Their music is best listened to through headphones, in order to pick up the subtle nuances otherwise missed when listening through speakers.

Vocals are provided by Hannah Tarkinson, while Todd Kitchens looked after the production. the vocals and live instruments were recorded and mixed at The Halo, in Portland Maine, by Jonathan Wyman, and mastered at Gateway Mastering, by Adam Ayan, also in Portland. ‘Clash’ also features Timothy Watts on piano, and Chandler Rentz on drums.

You can find Port Of Est. online on Twitter, Facebook,Youtube, and their website. Be sure to also check out Hannah’s website Ponomo, where she sells her one of a kind jewellery, belts, and leather accessories.

Listen to ‘Clash’ on Soundcloud:

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