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We recently wrote about Twelve24’s new release, ‘Nobody But You’. Now we’ve had a chat with them, to find out more about their vibe.

EP: What’s the Twelve24 story? How did you all come to be together?
T24: The Twelve24 story is a pretty cool one actually. It starts with all of us meeting on an academy course together 8 years then called Genetik – now called Message Academy.  Even though the course was mostly based around exploring our Christian faith it was also about developing our creative talents. It was clear that the 3 of us had a passion for music because by the end of the course we had already written songs and started performing together. We got offered an internship with the Charity that runs the Academy to see if we could take what we had started any further and by the end they offered us a job to be a band, to go into high schools throughout the UK talking about our Faith and performing our music and putting on Gigs everywhere we went.
EP: Describe your sound.
T24: It’s really difficult to lock off our sound to one genre, probably because we all love music so much. From Rap to dance music, from garage to pop and it shows in our “sound”. Especially on our latest record ‘From The Ground Up’, we really threw out the rule book and decided not to be limited to one sound or one genre. If you had to put a label on it and couldn’t label it one genre you’d probably have to say it was commercial music.
EP: Where do you see Twelve24 in a year’s time? In 5 years? Or 10?
T24: We see ourselves still going strong with the band. Releasing albums, hopefully putting on our own tours and playing at all the big festivals and spreading out to places we’ve not gone yet. Maybe you’ll find us out in America…we’ll see! We always try and top what we did the year before. If we keep doing that then in 5 years we’ll be doing well.
EP: If you could do it all over again, what if anything would you do differently, and why?
T24: Thats a tough question because everything we went through got us to where we are now. However I think we waited for a few years for “someone” with all the answers to come along and open doors for us and tell us what to do to build the platform for the band. In some ways we wasted time waiting for “someone” to do what we needed to just get out and do for ourselves. We definitely could have done with learning that lesson a lot sooner!
EP: Who are your inspirations musically and personally?
T24: Max Martin, Stargate, Ryan Tedder, Dr Luke, Benny Blanco, Tinie Tempah, Macklemore, Calvin Harris, Jon Bellion, Lecrae, Andy Mineo…The list really could go on forever!
Anyone who can write music that touches the world on a consistent basis is a huge inspiration to us. Especially if they have a message they stand for and don’t use their music to make money, but to say something.

EP: What are the top three songs on your playlists at the moment?
T24: Kano – ‘3 Wheel-ups’
The 1975 – ‘She’s American’
Drake – ‘Summer Sixteen’

EP: Where can we see you perform and where can we get your music?
T24: Our next Gig is at the Manchester Apollo on the 18th of March but you can stay up to date with our Touring Schedule on our website.
EP: What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?
T24: Would you like me to give you £1,000,000?
You can find Twelve24 online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their website. You can also buy ‘From The Ground Up’ in CD format from the band’s bigcartel page, where they also have a range of merchandise available, including their WLDKDZ clothing label.

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