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Part 2 of our Essential Weekly Playlist Loveless Effect Special! This week it’s the turn of Bass player, Forest Towers.

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The Dread Crew of Oddwood – ‘Mord And Tyver’
A “Heavy Mahogany” (heavy metal) pirate band that makes me want to be a pirate every time I listen to them. This song in particular is my favorite song from them, the story of the song is almost like a movie. The instrumentation of the song is amazing and I love everything about it.
Led Zeppelin – ‘Achilles Last Stand’
I don’t think I have to tell you much about Led Zeppelin. This song is my absolute favorite by them, the whole song has me intrigued from beginning to end. The changes in the song are amazing and I just love this song.
Amon Amarth – ‘Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags’
One of my favorite bands ever, I have not heard a single bad song from them just songs I like more than others. The guitarists are fantastic with their melodic metal riffs, the drummer is solid throughout the entire song and the vocals are impeccable.
Lamb of God – ‘The Faded Line’
I love Lamb of God and this song was a close number one for this band. Chris Adler is one of the best drummers right now, Willie Adler and Mark Morton play hand in hand in making the guitar tracks brilliant, John Campbell is a great metal bassist, and Randy Blythe’s vocals bring home the cake. This song shows exactly that.
Dethklok – ‘Black Fire Upon Us’
Another tough decision is this song. Dethalbum II is Dethklok’s best album, to me, and there isn’t a single bad song on that album. Brendan Small is a genius of a writer and this song shows you why.
Kalmah – ‘Wolves on the Throne’
What can I say about Kalmah, death melodic band from Finland that is just pure talent. This song demonstrates just a taste of how amazing they are. The bass line is great, the vocals are brutal, and the rest of the song falls into its own place.
Iron Maiden – ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’
The band that got me into music is Iron Maiden. I have Iron Maiden to thank for everything. The music they put into this song has me in a trance from beginning to end. I liked the poem but I love the song.
Foo Fighters – ‘DOA’
In 2004 this was the first song I heard from Foo Fighters. After I heard it, I went out to the store with my mom ( couldn’t drive then! ) and bought that album with my own money from chores. That was the first album I have bought with my own money and I have been a fan of them since.
Chevelle – ‘Roswell’s Spell’
This one took some time. Between ‘The Circus’, ‘Straight Jacket Fashion’, ‘Saturdays’, and ‘In Debt to Earth’ it took some time. I have been listening to Chevelle a lot lately and this quickly rose up to my favourite Chevelle songs. I like his voice and the music is just plain good.
Red Hot Chilli Peppers – ‘Dani California’
Flea is another reason why I started playing bass and this was the first song I heard from them. Since then, I listened to them almost religiously through 2006-2010 and I still love them. I put down this song, not because its their best, but because it has inspired me to play bass just like Steve Harris has. I love Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
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March 15 – Century Club, LONDON (Time Out Presents)
March 16 – Oran Mor, GLASGOW
March 17 – Ruby Lounge, MANCHESTER
March 18th – Hare & Hounds, BIRMINGHAM
March 19 – Little Rabbit Barn, COLCHESTER
March 24th – Melkweg, AMSTERDAM
March 29 – Strom Club, MUNICH
April 1 – Mr Pickwick, GENEVA

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