Câlisse – ‘Stay’


Câlisse from Portland, Oregon, release their debut album, ‘Farewell Blacksheep’ on April 15. The flagship release for new label Almabrain Records, the album has a sound that sounds very familiar, yet totally alien. Lead track, ‘Stay’, is accompanied by a music video that pieces together old clips to illustrate the essential desire of all people to have someone to belong to.

In the words of James Collette from the band:

‘Stay’, was written out of pure desperation and longing for someone, but not just one person. We all lose people. We all lose a feeling. I wrote a song to everyone who I wanted to stay in my life. I wrote Stay by accident in drunken desperation to feel connected to the world and its’ people. I was just really missing someone and wanted to say so, but I  it was about more than one person. Catharsis works out okay sometimes.

The video ties in well with the friends, lovers, pilots, and toons. The idea is more about love than anything else. Kristina Colleen, a friend, offered to create this video. She had an understanding on the feeling of the song “Stay”. We really enjoy collaborating with different local/regional artists. This time around, it worked much like the writing process for the song did. One person feels what they feel and another feels what they feel. Differences between two individuals are more often than not what actually brings us together, as long as we are willing to be honest about the feelings part, ya know?

With a tinge of somber longing for another, this song lends something to the listener; that one thing you needed to say while lacking the guts to explain yourself, this song is it. I found that cathartic releases of the subconscious are a fleeting moment that is important to capture hastily in a demo form. This one just happened to be in the right place at the right time. This band absolutely helped me to say what I needed to say…only better.

‘Farewell Blacksheep’ is available on March 15 through Almabrain Records. You can preorder it now from Bandcamp.

Find Câlisse online on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, InstagramYoutube, and their website.

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