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For the next three Essential Weekly Playlists we’re doing something different – we’re featuring all three members of Loveless Effect separately, and asking them what ten songs, albums or artists they couldn’t live without. Today is the turn of Seth Loveless, the band’s lead singer and guitarist, and after whom they were named.

Seth Loveless

Eric Clapton – ‘Tears In Heaven’

I think it’s the most beautiful and emotional song I’ve ever heard. This song is personal to me because I played  and sang it at my stepfather’s funeral.

Aerosmith – ‘Sweet Emotion’
I’ve always loved Aerosmith and Steven Tyler since I was 5 years old. I used to sing Sweet Emotion on the school bus going to school when I was in kindergarten.
Led Zeppelin – ‘When The Levee  Breaks’
I Love that this is a slower song by Led Zeppelin but it’s still heavy and it grooves. I think it’s cool how John Bonham’s drums were recorded in a stairwell at Headley Grange with 3 microphones planted 3 stories up and the harmonica was recorded  backwards with an echo effect on it!
Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’
I am a HUGE fan of Johnny Cash! I especially love his later work. This song means a lot to me because it reminds me of my dad’s drug addiction,he was out of my life for ten years until we reunited.
Mark Knopfler – ‘Piper To The End’
Mark Knopfler is one of my favourite guitarists and writers. The melody to this song is beautiful and the bagpipes give it a haunting quality.
Foo Fighters – ‘Come Alive’
I love how the song starts off soft then it builds into a huge rock song. Taylor Hawkin’s drum fills and Dave Grohl’s vocals are soaking with sweaty rock n ‘roll passion!
Chet Atkins – ‘Vincent’
Chet Atkins is my favourite guitarist of all time. His instrumental take on this Don McLean song is breath taking and his one man band Fingerstyle arrangement puts me in a trance.Chet Atkins is the reason why I play fingerstyle guitar.
Pink Floyd – ‘Coming Back To Life’
David Gilmour’s guitar tone on this song is incredible. The intro solo is great and I like the melody to the song when it starts to pick up. Great lyrics as well.
Tom Petty – ‘A Face In The Crowd’
Tom Petty is another favorite artist of mine.i love this song because of it’s simplicity. The lyrics are great and I love its melancholy mood.
Willie Nelson and Ray Charles – ‘Seven Spanish Angels’
I love Ray Charles’ soulful raspy voice on this song. I also love Wille’s nasally voice and his nylon guitar playing on this track. Willie is one of my favorite artists and I think their voices compliment each other very well.
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Loveless Effect will be touring with American Young and Sasha McVeigh. You can catch them at the following:

March 15 – Century Club, LONDON (Time Out Presents)
March 16 – Oran Mor, GLASGOW
March 17 – Ruby Lounge, MANCHESTER
March 18th – Hare & Hounds, BIRMINGHAM
March 19 – Little Rabbit Barn, COLCHESTER
March 24th – Melkweg, AMSTERDAM
March 29 – Strom Club, MUNICH
April 1 – Mr Pickwick, GENEVA

Tickets are available now at See Tickets.

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