Leena Ojala ‘Together We Have it No More (FØRTE Remix)’

Leena Ojala 2

We recently covered Leena Ojala’s song, ‘Together We Have It No More’. Now we bring you the remix version, by FØRTE, aka David Burreddu.

FØRTE, who with his band Pistol Shrimp was recently featured in an Oakley video, has proven himself to be an avid beat maker and producer, creating unique experiences for his listeners. His most recent mix, ‘Don’t’, by Dominique, was recently number 7 on Tradiio’s US charts, four months since its release. It’s a new and exciting direction into the unknown with David’s electronic alter ego.


‘Together We Have It No More’ is the follow up to Leena Ojala’s debut single, ‘Why’, which saw some success for the electro-pop artist.

‘Together We Have It No More (FØRTE Remix)’ is part of our February Essentials playlist on Tradiio, where you can support it for free. You can also download it from iTunes and stream it on Soundcloud.

Find Leena Ojala on Soundcloud, Twitter,Facebook, Youtube, and her website.
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