Dead Ceremony ‘Tell Me Lies’ Ahead of EP Launch

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Here at Essentially Pop we always love originality within a band’s name, quite simply because nowadays many are a little too boring for our active imaginations. Dead Ceremony however captured our attention, and led us to thinking just what exactly it would entail…but let’s move onto the real attention hooker, the music!

‘Tell Me Lies’ is the title track taken from the forthcoming EP of the same name, with overpowering electronic tones merged with bassy synth undertones, there’s a refreshing vibe to the track. Scattered with samples throughout, it feels smooth, slick and refined, hooking our attention with the twist and turns throughout.

Tell Me Lies Green Single Cover

Placed in the genre of pop, it’s truly refreshing to hear Dead Ceremony adding their own unique twist to this overused title, the dark yet serene tones have resulted in their own sound. Having worked with Maths Times Joy, and Brassica for their latest release, a well-shaped sound has been the outcome providing a backdrop for Christopher Stewart’s emotive vocals to glide over. We definitely plan on keeping an eye out for their EP due for release in March!

Dead Ceremony can be found on Facebook, Official Website, SoundCloud and Twitter. Check out ‘Tell Me Lies’ for yourself here:

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