The Essential Weekly Playlist of: The Diamond Age


We last featured The Diamond Age in our Essential Advent Calendar, with their song ‘Holly’.  They’re currently working on new material, but in the meantime, here’s their Essential Weekly Playlist.

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The Smiths – ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’
One of the most touching and romantic songs that I have ever heard, and it was my first instalment into the great body of work by The Smiths.  Also, not forgetting it has a string section to die for and the track arrangements are simply perfection.
New Order – ‘Blue Monday’
The first track that introduced me to dance music, and is one of the only tracks that is guaranteed to get me on to the dance floor!
The National – ‘Fake Empire’
This band can do no wrong in my humble opinion.  Although, ‘Alligator’ is my favourite album I just simply adore this track.
LCD Soundsystem – ‘Home’
Another band who has a very strong catalogue of work, but this track is sheer groovtastic and completed with a great music video.
Arcade Fire – ‘Rebellion (Lies)’
One of the strongest bands around today, and Arcade Fire have a habit of writing great anthem’s with this track not failing to achieve that.
Sleaford Mods – ‘Middlemen’
This was the first Sleaford Mods track I heard, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I love the no-nonsense simplicity of their music. And the anger, of course.
This Mortal Coil – ‘Song To The Siren’
The most beautiful vocal ever recorded, and up there on my funeral playlist.
Manic Street Preachers – ‘Yes’
A formative track in my early years, and never gets old. Gold.
The Mars Volta – ‘Drunkship of Lanterns’
I would have been happy having anything off Deloused in this list – a masterpiece from beginning to end.
The Drums – ‘Money’
This song makes me happy and sad at the same time – something we try to achieve in TDA.
You can find The Diamond Age online on Facebook and Twitter. You can also buy their EP, released in September, on their website. One half of the duo, Matt Canning, is an award winning illustrator – check out his work on his website. Boys By Girls Magazine also have a few of his illustrations for sale.

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