The Christians – Rise

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The Christians are synonymous for emotive lyrics and impassioned sentiment in their songs that are guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings and get you thinking about all that is wrong in this world.

‘Rise’ is no exception, a song to celebrate unity and how much it can achieve. As soon as the piano pours out its introduction you just know that what follows will leave an impression as have so many of the bands songs in the past. The melody itself is unashamedly upbeat to provide drive and motivation whilst the lyrics subtly suggest inspiration, “if we can open up our minds there is an answer we can find” and “people wake up now and rise”.

Garry Christian, the only original member left in the band, still possesses the velvety soulful voice he trademarked in the 1980s which contains all the warmth and devotion required to draw you in. This is a message for unity, for people to work together in these divided times and if that in itself is not enough to make you want to buy ‘Rise’ then the fact that the guys are donating a percentage of the sales from the single to aid the British Red Cross in their work with refugees across Europe should be the clincher.

‘Rise’ is featured on The Christians latest album ‘We’.

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