Righteous Reprobates- ‘My Psychosis’

RR-Shoot-Still-ImageIf you are going to release a debut rock single then opening with a classic rock style intro is definitely the way to go and that is exactly what you get with four piece London/Kent band Righteous Reprobates new release ‘My Psychosis’. An abundance of guitar, a gradual build up of drums and then bang!

Rob White’s vocal has a regional twang not far removed from the style of Damon Albarn and this is extremely effective in emphasising the lyrics themselves, something vastly important when they are so profound as there is nothing more off putting than a song that makes no sense at all or from which you cannot decipher the lyrics. Opening with the line “fly me away as I fall through the sky” immediately sets the scene for the mental descent reflected in the song.

Booming bass, thunderous tub thumping and a face melting guitar solo thrown in for good measure and *voila* you have ticked all the boxes, dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. The single is due for release on 7th December 2015, to be followed soon after by the album release and tour dates. I for one will be keeping an eye out for these dates as I am curious to find how well this translates to live performance but I am pretty sure these young chaps won’t disappoint.

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