ELKS – ‘Please Baby Please’

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ELKS is an Italian alternative rock band formed in 2013. Drawing from a wide variety of influences, they aren’t afraid to experiment – from plugging a keyboard into a fuzz pedal, or pumping an acoustic guitar through a tremolo, the band’s sound is as much classic Indie as it is pop, and frequently crosses over to rock, breaking all the genres: in short, they’re a brilliant band.

ELKS’ lineup include Vincenzo Mosti, tackling lead vocals and guitars; Stefano Di Tanna on lead guitar and backing vocals; Francesco Candeloro playing bass guitar, and also backing vocals and; Marco Di Ienno on drums.

Their latest single, ‘Please Baby Please’ is a toe tapping mix of raw vocals, classic riffs, and thumping rhythms. The band was formed just over year ago by four school friends: they’ve played on the local and national band circuits and will be playing their first European gigs outside Italy in the new year.

ELKS’ eponymous 6 track debut EP from last year is going for a second press run, after having sold out.

You can find ELKS online on their official website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Spotify. ‘Please Baby Please’ is available on iTunes.

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