The Hummingbirds – Out Of The Rain

11986996_1000768539983199_3795348705184479822_nA sensational Liverpool five-piece, The Hummingbirds, are ready to release their first EP, Out Of The Rain, due out November 6th 2015 on their own label, Gladstone Recording Co. Heavily influenced by music from the 50’s/60’s their sound takes on a vintage vibe but with a modern day approach to the music of that era; and like many of the bands that come out of Liverpool, The Hummingbirds have that incredibly desirable sound.

The EP, Out Of The Rain, is the first for the 23 year old lads but features some solid professional sounding recordings and well written songs.  Classic acoustic Americana feel good folk songs about love and heartbreak put to wonderfully written arrangements such as their songs ‘Out Of The Rain’ and ‘Home’. ‘Awaiting Your Call’, which is also featured on the EP, is a well written emotionally spirited song that begins slowly with piano and has a great dynamic build to a more upbeat rock song as it progresses with the layering of creative instrument parts. Citing influences such as The Eagles, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, and The Hollies; The Hummingbirds keep true to that same classic vibe but put their own unique emotionally inspired take on each of their songs.

12002130_1010632775663442_1845475802263645311_nThe Hummingbirds will also be playing a few dates from October to December and are working on the release of their debut album, Pieces Of You, due to be released in March 2016. Here are some dates to catch a live performance from The Hummingbirds:

October 14th – The Islington

November 28th – The O2 Academy in Liverpool

December 8th – The Barfly

The Hummingbirds are definitely a new band that you will want to check out. Already reaching a growing fan base of nearly 20,000 Twitter followers and 7,000 Facebook followers, the excitement for their music is growing fast. For music and info about The Hummingbirds and the EP, Out Of The Rain, check out the band’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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