Christine Sako – Footprints


Hailing from Minneapolis but now living in San Diego, Christine Sako is a multi-talented musician playing, in her own words, anything she doesn’t have to blow into.

It is refreshing to hear music from someone who does all their own writing, sings and plays all of the instruments too. Christine’s own album, ‘The Math Project’ was released in 2014 but now she has a single release in the form of ‘Footprints’, a magnificently simple yet effective tune which could be described as flawless. Christine has a soft, innocent sounding voice thus creating an immediate feeling of relaxation and well-being. The subtle undertones of the keyboard give a sensation of motion, which induces an image of waves softly creeping over sand or floating carefree on the ocean in the sunshine.

Christine’s slightly unorthodox condensing of sounds is ideal listening when it is time to unwind at the end of a hectic day or just whenever you need to chill out and is available as a free download from her website. You can also find Christine on Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud.




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Music plays a major part in every aspect of Louisa's life, always has done and many a memory has been created or triggered through it. A mum of 5 on the wrong side of 40 she loves gigging as much now as she did in the 80’s. Louisa's main passion is rock and metal but she's quite at home with a bit of good old 80’s pop and likes to think she is open minded about new stuff too. If she's not listening to music, she's thinking about it or writing about it. It’s a good life!

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