OMYO – ‘Roam’

1555350_285336404986125_6284997347963074498_nOMYO just released their debut single, ‘Roam’, an ear pleasing catchy pop tune with stunning feel-good vocals put to an electronic dance groove.

OMYO consists of the musical duo Tom McCorkell and William Edward whom met by chance one drunken night when a promise to write a song together turned into something much more. The two found a great chemistry with their music and decided to take their project to the next level, with Tom using his vocal expertise and William putting in his self-taught music composition experience, to begin work on their debut EP, Mattress Music.
11053607_382206128632485_1150668648108924429_nThe debut single by OMYO, ‘Roam’, has their distinct blend of electronic dance style pop with a soulful R&B vocal that compliment each other perfectly. The song is upbeat and has a good mixture of changes and transitions to keep sounds fresh and interesting.

Not only does the new single, ‘Roam’, by OMYO have an extremely catchy sound, but another unreleased single by the duo, ‘Heaven’, was also recently used to advertise for the latest NewLook women’s wear campaign available to view here.

Stay tuned for more coming from OMYO as they get set to release their debut EP, ‘Mattress Music’, along with their just released debut single, ‘Roam’. For music and info about OMYO check out their websiteFacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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Living in San Diego, Brandon is our US correspondent. He has been a musician, recording artist, and songwriter for 15+ years and enjoys anything related to music.

Brandon currently makes music in his home recording studio with the band Puzzled Eyes. When he is not making and recording music, he enjoys creative writing and listening to new undiscovered music. Brandon brings a great non-European perspective to EP, and has recently started doing interviews. You can find him and Puzzled Eyes on Facebook. Puzzled Eyes is also on YouTube.

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