‘Everything’s Fine’ – The Ravines

ravinesSometimes music just shouts summertime at you and the long awaited follow up to The Ravines debut album screams it in your face with a mega phone. ‘Everything’s Fine’ is a collection of short, quirky numbers which inject a shot of sunshine into your ears and a feeling of warmth to the rest of your body.

The title track to the album, reminiscent of a waking on a bright morning in the 90’s to a chirpy tune on the radio, is due for release on 24th July. The lyrical contradictions illustrate the positives in a negative situation thus providing the uplifting vibe which it creates.

The introduction to ‘Tambareen’ initially brings to mind ‘Up The Junction’ by Squeeze and whilst this captures attention the track itself is in no way similar and has a sing a long quality all of its own and if you need a tune to be cruising down the motorway with then ‘Daydream’ fits nicely into that category.

Indigo’ is like the black sheep of the album possessing a much more deep and meaningful musical sound and solemness, however, in my opinion this only endears it to the listener as it brings another dimension to the album as a whole.

If there is such a thing as a classic pop sound then ‘Working Class Girl’ would fit the description perfectly but then most of the album could be regarded as of that standard too.

Closing the album with ‘Queen Bee’ is quite a clever tactic. It winds things down in a comfortable relaxing manner to ensure you get that warm fuzzy feeling that leaves you thinking “Ah that was nice”.

The album is due for release on 28th August safeguarding the summer theme and securing it’s place on your playlist for those lazy hazy days


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Music plays a major part in every aspect of Louisa's life, always has done and many a memory has been created or triggered through it. A mum of 5 on the wrong side of 40 she loves gigging as much now as she did in the 80’s. Louisa's main passion is rock and metal but she's quite at home with a bit of good old 80’s pop and likes to think she is open minded about new stuff too. If she's not listening to music, she's thinking about it or writing about it. It’s a good life!

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