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994108_10155596240410635_8852967485393036628_nThe creative group of instrumentalists and recording studio wizards, Caravan Palace, blend sounds of hip-hop, jazz, and electro-synth in their new video for the single, ‘Comics’, coming up on the group’s third studio album, <I°_°I>, which will be released October 16th 2015. The band have also announced a European tour with some UK dates in December and a few festivals late this summer.  

Caravan Palace is definitely a band you will want to see live as they have never failed to amaze and entertain with inspiring music and a sheer ability to bring a good time to any festival or concert arena.  Since the bands start they have been able to pack out and sell tickets to their shows mostly due to word-of-mouth and the fact that they put on an outstanding live performance. Check out Caravan Palace live:
Festivals in UK:
Sunday July 26      Secret Garden Party, Cambridgeshire
Saturday Aug 8     Wilderness, Oxfordshire
Saturday Aug 15    Boomtown, Hampshire
December tour:
Thursday 10          O2 Academy, Bristol                     0844 477 2000
Friday 11               O2 ABC, Glasgow                       0844 477 2000
Saturday 12           The Ritz, Manchester                 0844 248 5117
Monday 14            Concorde 2, Brighton                    01273 673 311
Tuesday 15           The Forum, London                 0844 847 2405
Wednesday 16      UEA, Norwich                  01603 508 050

10469779_10155740024770635_7194159728162934242_nThe video for the new single ‘Comics’ is symbolic in it’s images taking place in city streets with young people in a bowed down or bent over manner being watched and influenced by a woman with a black dress, crown, and creepy mask that is somewhat patrolling their every action. The video was directed by French filmmaker Soandsau, who had this to say about the video,

“It is a moral tale that takes place in the street, but without cynicism. A breach of hope, but without naivety”. 

‘Comics’ is a spectacular song that has a vintage style with influences of hip-hop and jazz that combine with modern synth heavy electronic dance music of today and will be featured on their upcoming album <I°_°I>. The single boasts a hopping beat with retro synth sounds that have a vintage vibe and a vocal that is manipulated, heavily effected, and dramatically swirled around in stereo. The synth parts are bold yet provide a retro sound that take the lead as the vocals take a break with embellished pitch bending and ear catchy melodies. The new album from Caravan Palace, <I°_°I>, will be released October 16th but it is also available for pre-order allowing the single ‘Comics’ to be available immediately after purchasing the pre-ordered album.  Pre-order the new album here:



Caravan Palace consist of talented musicians and recording artists Charles Delaport, Hughes Payen, Antoine Toustou, and Arnaud Vial together with Zoe Colotis, Camille & P-M. In 2008 they released their debut album that charted in their native France attaining a platinum sales award, launching the band globally, and defining a new original sound with the single ‘Jolie Coquine’.  Their second album, Panic, released in 2012 is always a pleasure to listen to whether at home or in a burlesque bar, with a bit more of a experimental sound and great tracks such as ‘Clash’ and ‘Rock It For Me’.

For more music and info about Caravan Palace and the new album, <I°_°I>, check them out on iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, check out the new video for the single ‘Comics’ below.


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