Bourbon Street Beat – ‘Crossing On a Bend’

bsb titleThink of all the combinations in your life that just sound right together. Fish and chips, ice cream and jelly……….then think of all the combinations which on the surface just don’t appear to gel like chocolate and chilli or Mumford and Sons and Kings of Leon. It seems wrong yet they complement each other perfectly. That is what you get with Bourbon Street Beat and their latest offering “Crossing On a Bend”.

This short but extremely sweet wee number bursts open with a somewhat captivating guitar riff and catchy bass line. Foot tapping quickly becomes mandatory and the general feel is motivational. Iain Hammond’s vocal style bears great resemblance to Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy and also Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon and this only enhances the quality of sound on this track. You could easily be mistaken for thinking this was more than a three piece band as the power behind it is quite profound. This song grows on you more by each listen.

B” side track “She’s His Woman” has a much more subtle, laid back approach but again is distinctive in style. In an era where a significant amount of the music scene has become stale and repetitive it is refreshing to come across a band who are quite content to do their own thing.

The single is available for download from 27th July so if you are looking for something outside the box check it out.

Find Bourbon Street Beat on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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