Shannon K – Lose Control

shannon k

Being the daughter of a famous Bollywood star (Kumar Sanu) is an impressive enough claim to fame for a young lass but not content living in the shadows Shannon K is taking control rather than losing it.

With a quite remarkable back catalogue of songs for one with such tender years, this is one girl who knows where she wants to be and is well on the way to getting there. “Lose Control” boasts everything that you could want from a dance anthem and would certainly not be out of place in a nightclub setting, but it also encapsulates the feeling of summertime and visions of driving with the roof down on a hot sunny day spring to mind.

It is refreshing to find an artist with such a diverse musical style. Listening to previous release “Mom” with it’s deeply emotive lyrics and subtle guitar accompaniment and then “Just Another Boy” which is more classic pop in approach shows a direct contrast to “Lose Control” and that can only be a positive.

If this is just the beginning of what Shannon K has to offer then I am certain we will be hearing a lot more of her in years to come.

‘Lose Control’ is out on 3 August.


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