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British Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Martin Brown has released five solo albums that are all his own work, writing every song himself and playing all the instruments as well! He has co-writing credits that include partnerships with composer Russ Ballard, Bassist and producer Ed Poole, and has songs that have been covered by Bonnie Tyler, Sam Brown, The Rattlers and Kim Alvord.

“Plenty of artists think their work is different and/or special. The music of Martin Brown — who titled his first solo album Where Have I Been All Your Life? — might not be terribly different, but it’s special. In fact, it’s damn good.” – Jeff King

He takes influence from XTC and Crowded House and his best songs are melodically strong and are lyrically detailed. The first single “Hemel Hempstead Boy” off Martin’s second album “Butterflies” received a lot of attention from the media. “Butterflies” and his previous album “Where Have I Been All Your Life?” are available to download on iTunes and you can find out more about Martin on his website and listen to his music on soundcloud.

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A singer-songwriter from Manchester Zoe lives in London trying to bring the sound of Nashville to London with a sort of Mancunian country twang to her voice. Growing up on Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lancashire folk music goodness knows how she discovered the likes of Taylor Swift and Alanis Morissette and incorporated their sound into her music! The different guitar tunings she uses inspire a more unique sound and lyrics she never knew she could write however it also means she's surrounded by guitars whenever she plays live so if you see her juggling a few on the way to a gig, maybe give her a hand! Check out Zoe's Blogs, Just Zoe and British Country Music!

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