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Estrella’s debut album ‘Come Out To Play’ was released in 2012 and they set the bar pretty high at that point but the four piece rock band from Aberdeenshire have been raising it ever since having toured Europe with Robin Beck as well as House of Lords and more recently Enuff Z’nuff. They also supported The Answer in Aberdeen but one of their most impressive achievements so far saw them playing Download this year.

The release of new album ‘We Will Go On’ on 22nd June has been a long awaited follow up to ‘Come Out To Play’ and the pressure was on to top it, nonetheless the guys took that challenge and smashed it.

If you love your rock eighties style and with plenty of hair then this band is for you. A concoction of feel good inspirational music awaits with a level of energy that cannot fail to get the most stubborn characters up and at them and the first three tracks, ‘Here I Am’, ‘Wheels Keep Turning” and ‘We Will Go On’ are about as motivational as you can get. If that doesn’t tickle your tastebuds try some romantic style ballads such as ‘Reason’ and ‘Undercover Lover’. Think Aerosmith, think Def Leppard, think Van Halen and then think these talented young chaps are better than all three rolled into one.

With Paul Gunn’s unmistakable voice and presence, Luke Gunn’s exceptional talent on lead guitar and Nathan Gunn’s seductive bass playing these brothers have the whole performance down to a fine art all held together by the rhythm master himself, Leo McPherson whose drumming perfection is only out done by his immense hair.

Links to iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon and physical copies of the cd can be found on their website.

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