Jedward to Replace Louis on X Factor?

John and Edward to modelCould the Dublin Duo really replace Louis Walsh as judges on the X Factor? It might seem a far-fetched idea, but fellow compatriot Niall Breslin, aka Bressie, seems to think so.

Tweeting this morning, The Voice of Ireland menotr said,

Not content to leave it there, he went on:

So! What do you think? Could John and Edward replace their former manager? The current rumours are that ITV’s chosen one is BBC DJ Nick Grimshaw, but stranger things have happened!

Jedward meanwhile have flown to Vienna, Austria, where they will this weekend be modelling and performing at the Life Ball. The pair have been invited to walk for Jean Paul Gaultier, in a Eurovision special in Vienna’s City Hall Square. The show will be broadcast via YouTube, and commences at 8.15 Vienna time on Saturday.

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