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We’ve spoken to Blitz Kids before, and we covered when they released the video for their single, “Keep Swinging”, from their album, “The Good Youth”. Well now the song is due for release on 4 May, so here’s our take on the song itself!

A positive, uplifting song, “Keep Swinging” is about just keeping on going, when everyone tells you to give up – it’s a pop/rock style song, with a great video featuring Instagram legend Brock O’Hurn. We had the chance to talk to the band a while back, and asked what “Keep Swinging” is about:

It’s a funny story. I started writing it with Jono in a rainy garage one afternoon back in Nantwich.

We were going through a tough time in the band. We were broke and sleeping on floors and we wrote this song to keep us going but we never finished it. Fast forward two years and we were sat outside John Feldmann‘s house in LA writing our album and we remembered this song and we finished it that day.

“Keep Swinging” is about fighting again even though you’re down – “Life is a mystery” – you can have people helping you along the way, but ultimately you’re there on your own. You just have to get up and go again. The Blitz Kids could have just stopped there and then when they were down, but they didn’t, they kept on going, and have just got back from playing SXSW.

When you’re down keep swinging
Because life is a mystery
You never know when you’re gonna hit
When you’re down, keep swinging
Because life is a mystery
But you’ve got to face it on your own

“Keep Swinging” is from Red Bull Records, and is available here.

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